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Honolulu Cuisine

Cuisine in Honolulu is truly international. Hawaiian specialties include mahimahi (dolphin fish), poi (rounded taro root), and puaa kalua (a whole pig slow-roasted in a pit). Other Hawaiian specialties include hulihuli chicken (barbecued chicken), laulau (steamed pork, chicken or fish wrapped in ti leaves), lomilomi (chopped tomatoes, onions and salted salmon – similar to a salsa), fresh island fish, baked taro and ulu (breadfruit), and perhaps opihi (limpet mollusk, an island delicacy). Pipikaula is beef jerky and pupus are hors d'oeuvres.

Most of the food sold throughout Hawaii is not true "Hawaiian food". It is a mix of cuisines and products introduced from other countries. Island chefs have developed a style of Hawaiian regional cuisine that incorporates fresh local products, meats and seafood in a multicultural infusion of flavourings, ingredients, spices, sauces and cookery methods. This is the cuisine of many of Hawaii's finer restaurants. In addition, ethnic culinary blendings have resulted in the popular plate lunch, available from restaurants, cafes and street-side mobile lunch wagons.

The islands also have everything from fast-food chains to Mexican and French cuisine. Because of the high number of Japanese tourists, the islands have a wide selection of excellent Asian restaurants.





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